Fiber and digging contracts
For over 10 years CR Electric have accomplished digging- and fiberwork for big customers such as TDC, DKT, Kemp & Lauritzen and PH-EL & Sikring.

In cooperation with TDC and Dansk Kabel TV, we are contractors at Denmark's biggest fibre investment, where we have the responsibility to exchange all existing copper cords for fibre and ensure that the concept "Fibre to Home" executes. TDC have invested 25 mia. kr. in the project, which will run over seven years.

Technical total solutions,
within subjects or turnkey projects for e.g.

Industry, Business, public- and private facilities comprehensive, Complete business and industrial projects, with associated production installations and industrial automation, Commercial and residential construction, sports halls, car houses, shopping centers and shop fittings, waterworks, wastewater treatment plants, groundwater lowering, Sten Grus industry plant, establishment of Fiber & Antenna, processing Plant, Machine Control and Automation.