Homes/Kit homes
At CR Electric, we have for several years built up expertise in performing electrical installations in kit homes, and in close cooperation with, among others, Lind & Risør, we have delivered installations for more than 1,000 kit homes over a period of 30 years.

Our absolute largest customer is Milton Houses, where we today are involved in all projects carried out on Zealand. That adds up to a lot of houses every year. We also have a very close collaboration with Træhuse og Menzer & Kristensen.

Technical total solutions,
within subjects or turnkey projects for e.g.

Industry, Business, public- and private facilities comprehensive, Complete business and industrial projects, with associated production installations and industrial automation, Commercial and residential construction, sports halls, car houses, shopping centers and shop fittings, waterworks, wastewater treatment plants, groundwater lowering, Sten Grus industry plant, establishment of Fiber & Antenna, processing Plant, Machine Control and Automation.