General info
CR Electric A / S only wants to receive invoices electronically via our EAN no. 579 000 229 5003.
​Here's how:
Send electronic invoice to EAN no. 579 000 229 5003.

​Company name: CR Electric A/S
CVR-no.: 37131415
EAN-no.: 579 000 229 5003

That the project number must appear.

The project number consists of either 5 or 8 digits and must be entered in the field "Order reference". The order number is provided by CR ELectric A/S employee when ordering.

If the invoice does not deal with one of our projects, there must be an employee number and initials on the orderer.

​ Invoices without a valid project number will ultimately be rejected without payment.
Account statements must always be sent to
Any sub-attachments can also be sent to
Delivery notes, advertising material, etc. must still be sent to our company mail: or to our regular mailing address:​

CR Electric A/S
Håndværkervej 8A
DK-4000 Roskilde
Need help?
If you need help with creating an invoice electronically, we recommend that you visit the website, where you can read more about how you can send an electronic invoice for free.

Technical total solutions,
within subjects or turnkey projects for e.g.

Industry, Business, public- and private facilities comprehensive, Complete business and industrial projects, with associated production installations and industrial automation, Commercial and residential construction, sports halls, car houses, shopping centers and shop fittings, waterworks, wastewater treatment plants, groundwater lowering, Sten Grus industry plant, establishment of Fiber & Antenna, processing Plant, Machine Control and Automation.