Welcome to CR Electric A/S, with headquarters in Roskilde.

CR Electric is, today, a modern company that exists of a flat structure. The individual coworker has, and takes, great responsibility in the daily work so we can act flexibly and fast on possible unexpected challenges. Because of the flat structure, it is never far from idea to action.

We have a close dialogue with our customers and emphasize having a long-term relationship, that stretches over many years. Since the establishment of CR Electric, we have delivered solutions for several of our customers.

Furthermore, we have an ambition about being the preferred workplace for electricians and we have great focus on all ongoing educations that are offered. Just like we always have had the responsibility for more than 20 apprentices.

CR Electric AS employs 110 and 140 qualified, versatile and responsible employees, who do the following:

Industry · Business · public and private facilities comprehensive, Complete business and industrial projects, with associated production installations and industrial automation, Commercial and residential construction, Sports halls, Car houses, Shopping centers and shop fittings, Waterworks, Cleaning plants, Groundwater lowering, Sten Grus industrial plant.

Establishment of Fiber & Antenna plants via excavation - ground displacement, and subsequent supply & connection testing thereof.

Processing Plant · Machine Control and Automation, for: Food, Graphic and Machine Industry. As well as subsequent professional service thereof, as a natural part of the above projects, Information Technology is also carried out which is in rapid development and therefore invested in the development thereof, therefore with the latest updated knowledge and equipment we can also do:


We own authorization in DK, as well as Sweden and Germany. Experience in international assignments is owned by Tonny Rosebom from posting and project design at: F.L.SMIDTH SEMCO INTERNATIONAL SKANSKA JENSEN A / S (Algeria)

Internationally, we have done in turnkey contracts:
VOLVO sales service administration center in Vilnius / Lithuania.
ELSIS print assembly plant with administration in Kaunas / Lithuania.
IBM CABLING for MELITTA Klippan / Sweden.

With CR ELECTRIC A / S they get total solutions with competitive prices, from sketch project to finished project, carried out with efficient management and with the same contact person throughout the project process for handing in a craftsman like, professional quality as well as a professional correct documentation, on time.

Projects are performed using AUTOCAD · Excel calculation programs · FEBDOC dimensioning, as well as relevant lighting calculations enclosed with project drawings in A1

Company name: CR ELECTRIC A / S
Established: 1976/88 with current management
Ownership: 20% Tonny Rosenbom, 40% Ole Christensen 40% Lars Smith Strange
Company form: A / S reg Nr. 48020, CVR DK 37131415
Insurance company: Tryg Garanti A / S / Bo Larsen
Quality assurance: ISO 9001
Bank connection: DANSKE BANK Roskilde / Eva B. Jensen
Accountancy: Deloitte Copenhagen / Thomas Frommelt
Organization: TEKNIQ