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Dear Settler

We have the pleasure of doing the electrical work within your new Milton home and we shall make an appointment for when you have the opportunity to come in for a review meeting with us in Roskilde.

At our material selection meeting we go through your electrical installation, where we make a complete electric plan. With regard to white goods, it is CR Hvidevarer, who will supply and install these. When the meeting here with me is over, an agreement has been made with CR Hvidevarer where you can see and choose appliances.

At the meeting, we will plan where the different switches, lamp placements, indoor spotlights and outdoor spots or other lamps will be placed.

After the meeting, we will sketch all switches, spots and so on, onto the layout. After that, we will send you the sketch, as well as an variation order on the possible extra additional choices you have chosen in the meeting, for your own review as well as signatures. If there should be any corrections to be made or the like, you will email it back to us, after which we will sketch the corrections onto the layout and return it all to you again. This process, we will do a maximum of two times.

If there is a need for further adjustments, there will be an extra charge of 750 DKK incl. VAT.

Here are some points we will ask you to deliberate, consider, talk about, before our meeting, as it will help ease the extend of our meeting.

1: Is there an existing house on the plot today? Or is it a new building site?

2: Do you know where the distribution board is placed in comparison to the plot? This is relevant in proportion to consideration about, if the main cable should be buried underneath road or the like. In the agreement with the construction company, there is a pipeline on site (visible cable). That means, that if there is no cable on the plot, or a power tool from the energy company on the land mark, it is on the client's expense to have a cable digged down from the electrical cabinet and onto the building site. On new building plots, in new divisions, cable is often either laid down or a pulling pipe has been laid from the electric cabinet and onto the building site. But that is certainly not always. Therefore, it is important that the developer investigates these conditions, and possibly. takes a picture of the ground with cable.

3: Which antenna and telephone / Internet provider in on the plot? Which solution would you like to have, for these circumstances? Is there cable from TDC/Yousee or other providers on the plot? If not, it is the developer's responsibility to provide this. It is the digging contractor, who is responsible for digging the service lines into the technique cabinet in the house. Therefore, these conditions must be under control, before the developer starts.

The meeting will take place at Håndværkervej 8A, 4000 Roskilde.

You are welcome to contact me on phone number 22609972 or email to schedule a time.

We look forward to a good meeting.

Best regards
CR Electric A/S

"We have for several years built up expertise in delivering complete electrical installations for kit homes." - Ronni Petersen, project manager."
Ronni Petersen, projektleder